Eduranet Education System

Eduranet Education System

The world is a competitive arena of challenges and Eduranet firmly believes in facing those challenges head on. In order to carve out a place for oneself in this world one cannot skip any such challenge, for it is only by facing them that one can raise themselves higher in life.

To do so, ‘talent’ is the key word here. Of course not everyone has the same skills and no matter what skill anyone has, everyone requires a bit of help.

We at Eduranet can offer you that help.

The Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad creates those challenges for a student that he or she needs to develop their talents and to hone their skills. The Olympiad tests the students in various arenas and prepares them for diverse careers in future – be it Engineering, Medical, Civil, Administrative or any other.

Sample tests in different fields of one’s choice can help them hone their abilities, check their problem areas, and work with them. One can gain much by participating in an intellectual Olympiad. It puts people in a competitive situation – one that enables people to practice before going in for the all-important examinations that will determine their life’s direction. The importance of participating in intellectual Olympiads is that it gives one an opportunity to test their skills properly in a simulated examination environment. It will give people a taste of what it really is like to take such important exams, without putting the immense pressure of the results actually affecting their lives in a positive or negative way. In this way, people can get used to the conditions of the examination, including the question patterns and the time limits, before they go in for the final and actual test. This will ensure that they will be much less stressed for the actual exam, because they took practice tests earlier.

An Intellectual Olympiad lets aspiring candidates compete in a much healthier way, by letting them properly assess their abilities and knowledge. Eduranet offers this opportunity to youngsters you wish to practice before they take the ultimate plunge, thereby helping them prepare better for their futures. We have offer a neutral platform where every child can be marked by an impartial judge. This gives you a chance to assess your child’s potential as well as give him or her a confidence boost.

A few words from our founder here can best describe the diversity at the Olympiad –

“Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad (EIO) is a combination of different intellectual competitions. In this students will be tested not only in their knowledge but also in their skills to present ideas, display their communication skills, ability to perform and attitude to win.”

Eduarnet Intellectual Olympiad is the fruit of many years of research that our founder Mr. Javed put into creating the ‘Junior Intellectual Challenge’ in 2005. It had a vision of identifying and harnessing the intellectual prospective and the abilities of a student and it was designed to allow them to dig deep within them and to discover really where their abilities can take them.

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