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14th Intellectual Olympiad 2018-19

14th Intellectual Olympiad 2018-19

Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad is an inter-school tournament which comprises of different types of competitions in all the necessary subjects for any competitive or entrance exams.

Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation (EIOF) had conceptualized this Intellectual Olympiad in the year 2005, which has now become a prestigious Olympiad for the schools and students to show case their inherent talent. Eduranet firmly believes that creating a competitive platform / environment for the students is critical essential to nurture and further their intrinsic skills.

Thousands of students have already participated in this unique Olympiad and reaped great benefits out of it.

I) Subjects

Mathematics, Sciences, Reasoning, Computer science, Leadership, Communication and General Awareness, among others, are the main subjects in which the competition will be conducted. There will be an exclusive syllabus on each subject, implying that it is integrated with C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E., and any other State board Syllabuses. The main objective of competition is to assess the students’ knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude to catapult them to the next level.

II) The Competitions:

Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad comprises of eight different competitions which are divided into three relevant groups. They are Group I, Group II and Group III. The Group I comprises of two competitions. Students must select a minimum one competition from Group I to take part in Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad 2016-17. The eligibility for the Group I is II-X class. Group II & III comprises of three competitions each. Students can select either one or nil competitions from these groups. The eligibility for the Group II & III is V-X class.

Group I:

Code Name of the Competition Eligibility
11 Advanced Mathematics Skills II-X
21 Science and Research Skills II-X

Group II:

Code Name of the Competition Eligibility
41 Analytical & Problem Solving V-X
51 Critical Thinking & Creative Skills V-X
61 Basics of Computers & WWW SKills V-X
Group III:
Code Name of the Competition Eligibility
71 Leadership & Social Skills V-X
81 Presentation & Communication Skills V-X
91 General Knowledge & Awareness Skills V-X

III) Tests:

Every competition in Intellectual Olympiad comprises of more than one Test. These tests have been designed to assess the students in every aspect of their knowledge, Intelligence and Skills. These tests will be conducted in different levels of Olympiad.

The tests conducted in the Intellectual Olympiad 2015-16 are based on the students’ application, analysis and reasoning. Hence, it is essential that the students who are interested in participating in this Olympiad have deep knowledge of all the key subjects. The preparation of this Olympiad also enhances the students’ foundation for IIT-JEE, ICEET, NEET, EAMCET and other national-level entrance exams.

IV) Levels:

This Intellectual Olympiad is segregated in two levels i.e.; Prelims and Finals. Each student enrolling for the Olympiad, irrespective of the competition, needs to appear for the Prelims level. Students who perform well in the prelims level and scored above cutoff marks will be promoted to the Finals.

V) Schedule:

The schedule for the conduction of the tests for the academic year 2015-16 is as follows:
The tests will be conducted within school timings only.

VI) Exam Center (Venue)

There will be no exclusive centers in order to take Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad tests. The schools which enroll their students in Intellectual Olympiad will by default become an Intellectual Olympiad center. Students of that particular school would need to write both Prelims and Final level tests only in their respective school premises.

Under the Prelims level, tests will be conducted under the invigilator of School Coordinator whereas the finals would be organized under the invigilator of Eduranet Coordinator

The venue for all the competitions for the both Prelims and Finals will be the respective school premises only.
Prelims: The Prelims level will be conducted under the invigilation of School Coordinator.
Finals: The Finals will be conducted under the invigilation of Eduranet invigilators.

VII) Divisions

To inculcate a healthy competition among different school students, the participants of this Olympiad have been divided into A,B, C, D, E, E1, E2…. divisions. The idea behind categorizing the participating schools into different divisions is to provide equal opportunities to all categories of students. The newly joined schools in this Olympiad are by default brought under E division. Every year, the schools will be promoted or demoted into different divisions based on the students’ performances in various competitions.

VIII) Certificates

Every participant of this Olympiad will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion. Students who scored above cut-off mark in the Prelims and reach the final will receive the Certificate of Appreciation.

Toppers in the finals will receive Certificate of Merit along with Medals.

IX) Awards

The Toppers of the 14th Intellectual Olympiad 2018-19 has been awarded with the Certificate of Merit as well as Medals and Mementos. This achievement will give life time experience to the students and imbue positive attitude along with a plethora of skills to help them progress further in life.