Eduranet Education System
Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message

My Vision

To bring out the BEST in every student.

After years of study & research I have devised the ‘Junior Intellectual Challenge’ in 2005 with a vision to identify and bring out the intellectual potential and capabilities of the students & enable them explore their talents.
Let me say in all humility that over the years I have received tremendous response from the schools of the nation.
Urged by the same vision, I am launching the 15th Intellectual Olympiad 2019-20. This year the platform is vast and choice is for every student to explore their inherent talents to compete & win.
I firmly believe that Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attitude make a complete child. Therefore, students must be given opportunity to enhance his/her Knowledge, and hone their skills and to develop positive attitude to move ahead in life.
Every student has some hidden talent and this talent will bloom only when he/she takes part in competitions and performs well. Competitions create an opportunity to showcase their talent. Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad (EIO) is a combination of different intellectual competitions. In this students will be tested not only in their knowledge but also in their skills to present ideas, display their communication skills, ability to perform and attitude to win.
Besides Intellectual Olympiad will bring several talented students on to single platform for a healthy competition. The various categories of tests offer a wider choice for the students to select according to their wish.
I earnestly THANK all the heads of schools / Educational Institutions, Coordinators and parents for their whole hearted co-operation in encouraging the children to participate in the successive Intellectual Olympiads. I request them to do the same this year too.
Surely, this ‘Mega Olympiad’ will bring laurels to the Institutions and fame to the students.
M. Javed
Eduranet IOF