Converting a Hobby into Profession

Converting a Hobby into Profession

A hobby is an activity that is done typically during leisure time for pleasure. Hobbies can include many activities that are of interest to us. You start mastering a particular skill by continuously practicing a particular hobby. Hobbies include playing sports, collecting objects, getting engaged in artistic and creative pursuits, and pursuing different kinds of amusements.

A person who likes to get involved in any activity solely out of interest is called a hobbyist, whereas a person who gets involved into an activity for earning a reward is a professional whereas amateur is a person who pursues a particular activity our of love or interest. Amateur is a French word that means “lover of”. The difference between an amateur and a professional is that an amateur may be as skilled as professional but he might get any kind of compensation for pursuing that activity.

Is it a good idea to commercialize your hobby?

There is good amount of joy in commercializing an activity that is of interest to you. You may find tremendous joy in earning money from doing that you like doing. The thing you might voluntarily do, happily without expecting anything can get you returns if you become a professional. You need to seriously tinker upon the fact that whether you want convert your hobby into profession. Whether converting your hobby into a commercial is a good idea. At times is better to keep difference between the two of them, in order to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Hobby comprises of things that we like to do and activities are things are good for us, these are abstract definitions based on personal expressions. (Joyce K. Reynolds)

Hobbies, interests and other vocational activities help in determining that which career would be ideal for us. They act as career clues and assist in arriving at the finest probable career option that will best suit us. It better we should be in a position to better understand our personal tastes and preferences, figure out hobbies that make us feel good, the more powerful the indication the better it is. A meaningful career adds meaning to our lives and vice versa.

A hobby that you enjoy can be important in the process of choosing a career as hobby is a window to understanding what you love and value the most as you are naturally inclined towards it, all this helps in making the right career choice and ultimately will help you flourish – Career coach Phyllis Mufson.

Mufson agreed that she managed to convert her hobby into a creative part-time gig. Creating gemstone jewelry is an expensive business. She had built two online stores. She had tie-up with a jewel gallery that sold most of her work.

How did you choose your profession?

You should spend time evaluating the fact that the profession that you have selected is because you found it easy to accomplish, glamorous or lucrative? Or you selected you profession because you liked doing that thing and you had this organic inclination towards doing it. It is highly likely that you chose your profession based on first few variables. But if you look at it rationally, it would have been better if you would have selected you profession based on your natural inclination towards that job.