Imparting Education, Demanding Intelligent Decisions

Imparting Education, Demanding Intelligent Decisions

The empirical research on relation between education and intelligence might have been conducted too long, but the outcome of the chase has not yet surfaced with a distinctive answer. As a result, the argument between experts and professionals has remained on probable grounds of both intelligence and education being the controller of the other.

But does this discussion matter to us in daily life? Probably not, until and unless a research paper is being produced to prove one’s superiority over the other. What actually matters is the outcome of education imparted in a society. Does the imparted education succeeded in bringing drastic changes to the lifestyle and basic nature of people living in that society?

The question again arouses a tricky situation where the answers probably are more complex than expected. The commencement of this discussion can begin with the fact that education is about learning various streams and subjects. It is not bound to the institutional recommendations of curriculum. Having acknowledged this, what we can assume is that not only teachers but also the elders, guardians and parents impart education to the plausible students.

Social, socio-economic and environmental factors are huge factors when related in terms of education. These actually decide how much a student can learn within a normal frame of physical ability. Here comes intelligence quotient that decides how much a student can grasp from the various sources of education. Brighter students get to know more due to continuation of studies and educative streams.

But is that sufficient to acknowledge about the relationship between the duos?

No, the truth starts its journey from the point where both education and intelligence are compiled to beget the correct decision in today’s life.

Let’s start with you. Has the education of conservation of nature in science books been related to the actual planting of trees? Has the education about the historical barbarism controlled the world from making more historical stories? Has the education about human body has stirred a conscience that there cannot be segregation between two castes or religions in the actual sense?

Spread the word: Intelligence drives educational attainment to a logical conclusion, without which both intelligence and education have null significance in human society. Start today. Start by creating a consciousness. An intelligent mind can understand and grasp the learned things better. Use it to the betterment of human beings rather than destroying it.