Importance of Family and Fun in our lives

Importance of Family and Fun in our lives

Family and fun play an important role in our lives. Survival without family is not possible. Our lives would be dull and mundane without fun factor in our lives. What are the factors that make both family and fun to so important to our existence? Read on to understand why:

Why is your family so important your existence?
Family is a very important in not just the process of upbringing but it has an impact on us throughout our lives. You may fail to gauge the importance of your home as a kid, but you may start realizing its importance with the passage of time. As you age/mature you tend to understand the significance of having relationships. Every relation is meaningful provided we put an effort to understand its worth. The love and affection bestowed on us by our parents is unconditional. Nowhere in this world will you be able to get this from any particular relation. They have always been there by your side from the time you have taken broth, through ups and downs of your life. They are the ones who teach you about ethics, morals and values in life. To simply put they help you becoming a better human being. They make you learn to appreciate values such as gratitude, self-confidence, truthfulness and love. Your family is always by your side through all the difficulties that you never anticipate. Make sure that you return these favors by being there for them whenever they need you. Not everyone has privilege of having a normal childhood. Thank your stars if your parents are still alive and live together. Your life would be incomplete without your family.

Why should fun be taken seriously?
Deprivation of recreational facilities has been related to criminal tendencies, obesity, and decline the level of creativity. Having fun is a serious business. This might sound absurd, but it is something that comes from within, something that cannot be produced. Fun is food for our senses; it nourishes our body and soul. Children who are deprived of natural fun filled environment tend to develop multiple neurological disorders. They tend to lose emotional control, personal reliance, and social competency. They tend to become violent & antisocial. Fun plays an important role in the post-natal development in mammals. Some studies state that these shortages may arise on account of poor regulation of emotions. For instance, your thinking skills and motor skills do not work well when you are scared.

Some studies show that healthy relations are an important component of our health and wellbeing. People with good relationships are likely to live longer when compared to those who don’t. People who learn to unwind and reduce stress with the help of entertainment tend lead a peaceful life. Loneliness is closely linked to depression and depression brings in other forms of diseases. Isolation and stress are known to be major killers of mankind. Decades of researches have shown that isolation and loneliness is fatal.