Match Fixing in Cricket

Match Fixing in Cricket

Cricket is a religion in India. No other country would have as many cricket fanatics as India. Gentleman’s games are masked in same. Each sport is permitted its inadequacies as long as fundamentally its heart is deemed to be clean. Betting, match fixing/spot fixing have spread like a multi drug-resistant virus in the blood stream of cricket. Cricket is known to be a major source of corruption. Some team members have resorted to corrupt means of making money. A question arises that is the government paying them enough to lead a normal life or the money offered is so scanty that they have started making use of unfair means to earn money. Match fixing is one way with the help of which players can get rich in a blink. Bookies are known to offer huge money to select players for playing as directed.

How does fixing work:

It is vicious circle, wherein bookies pre-decide the outcome of the match. Given a scenario they derive various options on which people can bet. Other things remaining the same, people bet based on the level of confidence that they have on the teams. Betting is also known as gambling. These bookies collect the money and get in touch with the players at key positions who can influence the outcome of the match, thereby benefiting the bookies. If the players perform as per the directions given by the bookies for a price, the game is said to be fixed. Some win, some loose. The ones who win are relatively less in number when compared to the ones who loose, this can be opposite too. Money and power matters the most in cases like these. Everyone has access to betting on cricket, this means anyone wanting to make money can bet on the match. Betting is a full- fledged business which is being practiced across the globe.

The society that treats cricket as religion should consider pumping money through fair means. This money should be spent on training the team and giving them necessary facilities that have an impact on their performance. Training empowers the team and motivates it to win for the country. This brings in a sense of commitment and sportsmanship. With adequate training the team will be able to learn the ways and means to combat competition at international level.

Media also gets impacted by sports. Companies spend billion dollars in purchasing ad spots during these cricket matches. Ads get a lot of attraction from the audience as everyone is glued to their TV sets while the matches are on. Media industry gets benefits by sports as it manages to make revenue by selling many ad slots at a premium.

Valor is vital to game and cricket is no exemption. Youngsters require players for reverence and their fathers follow suit. Movie stars are magnificent but we all understand that the world is fantasy-with players it is diverse. The line that divides the fiction and the genuine is blurring and this blurriness promises nothing but a vague outlook for the game.

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