Merit Based Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships

Eduranet 14th Intellectual Olympiad 2018-19 is an opportunity for students to show-case their talents in subjects like Mathematics, Sciences, English, Reasoning, Critical Puzzles, Computers, Leadership, General Knowledge.

Intellectual Olympiad 2017-18 comprises of 8 versatile competitions which are divided in 3 different groups. The students of Class II-X studying in any national or state board recognize school are eligible to participate in this Olympiad.

Group Code Name of the Competition Prelims Level Final Level
I 11 Advanced Mathematics Skills 111. Advanced Maths Test-1 112. Advanced Maths Test-2
21 21. Science and Research Skills 211. Science and Research Test-1 212. Science and Research Test-2


The students of Class II-IV are only eligible for a maximum of 2 competitions from group I. They are not eligible to participate in group II & III competition(s).

The students of Class V-X are eligible for a maximum of 4 competitions from all three groups. From Group-I any one or two competition(s) and any one competition each from both Group II & III.
Final Level (State-Wise)

Students whose scored marks are higher than the cut-off marks and who figure among the top three positions in the Final level will be deemed as the winners of Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad 2017-18.

Based on the students’ classes and their eligibility to participate in Intellectual Olympiad the Merit Scholarships are divided into two different schemes.

1) Scheme – I (for Class V-X)
2) Scheme – II (for Class II-IV)

The following are the scheme-wise prizes for the Final Level winners of Intellectual Olympiad 2017-18.

Merit Scholarship Scheme – I
(for Class V to X)
Students who participate in Advanced Mathematics Skills (11), Science and Research Skills (21), Analytical & Problem Solving Skills (41) and Presentation & Communication Skills (81) (all four competitions) are eligible for Merit Scholarship Scheme-I.