Understanding different genres of Movies & Entertainment

Understanding different genres of Movies & Entertainment

Movies are great form of entertainment. It is a medium through with a director conveys his ideas about a particular subject and makes a sensible conclusion at the end. Movies are of various genres ranging from action, comedy, theatre, art, fiction, romance etc. Not too long ago there was a discussion rather a controversy based on an argument that what kind of movies one should prefer, movies with a serious subject or movies focused purely on entertainment. Some people put a point that we as humans are always engrossed with our mundane lives and routine, we are too serious about things around us most of the time and hence we should use movies as a medium of entertainment and unwind. Serious movies focus more on a meaningful subject/philosophy for us to understand the criticality of the subject. Whereas entertainment movies focus on entertainment of the audience, it emphasizes on the fun factor in order to relieve pressure. Both kinds of movies have its set of pros and cons.

Movies can serve as a good medium of educating the masses regarding a particular subject. Television has always managed to attract young blood. The first thing that a youngster would do after returning back home from school/college is to hunt for the remote of television set or look for his laptop and connect to WIFI. In today’s age, with advancement of technology youngsters can access entertainment on the go; they make use of their smart phones to buffer content that may be interest to them. A survey suggested that many students watch movies through smart phone and tablets these days.

Sci-fi (Science and fiction)

Movies based on science and fiction attracts youngsters. According to a research, students are used movies as a medium of education and the ones who learnt complex subjects in the form of movies are highly likely to develop a skillful and logical way of thinking.

Rom-com (Romance and Comedy)

Comedy movies have proven track record to be good stress busters. No other genre of movies can fill in the role played by comedy movies. Rom-com is a new genre that clubs both romance and comedy. Stand-up comedy is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Many television series based on rom-com and stand-up comedy genres have attracted good number of eye-balls.

Subject Centered

Subject oriented movies help us in gaining meaningful insights relating to the subject matter under consideration. It might be a little difficult for us to comprehend a serious complex subject based on our own understanding. Serious movies help is decode the message with ease. For instance the movie “Iron Lady” was inspired on the life of Ms. Margaret Thatcher. The movie had an important message to convey that women can also play a leading role in managing the economy of the country. Each one of us agrees to this universal fact that politics is a male dominated domain and it is difficult for them to accept a woman leader. Women can face a lot of opposition from the dominating opposite sex but this would not hinder her political performance if she is determined to introduce a change in the economy for the good.