With what intensity should crimes be made a punishable offense?

With what intensity should crimes be made a punishable offense?

Providing a secure environment to the citizens today has become a grave issue for the government. Considering a consistent surge in the amount of crime it is important for the government to design ways to take severe punitive action against the offenders. The punishment should be as grave as the crime committed in order to set an example for potential offender and generate a sense of fear towards the consequence to be borne after the act of crime.

Some people are of an opinion that a criminal is driven by social, cultural and personal motives. At times social circumstance become such that the criminal is left with no other option but to commit the crime in order to save himself from the trap of situations. People argue that the act once committed, the damage once caused is irreversible in most cases. What good are we going to get anyway by punishing the offender? They suggest constructive ways of dealing with criminals. Criminals are not born Criminals is what they say and they have a right to be counseled in lead a better life. People coming from such school of thoughts suggest that the authorities to design punishments in a constructive way. To simply put the criminal should get an opportunity to release his mistake. Such a constructive punishment will prevent him from committing crime and this will bring down the number of criminals.

Factors that induce people to commit crime are given as under:

Political Factors

India is a democratic country. The government is formed by the people, for the people. But each one of us is aware of the fact that some corrupt politicians adopt corrupt means to fulfill their personal motive. They enter politics in order to make personal good. They are least bothered about the society and hence take decisions that not only hurt the economy but also hurt the sentiments of the citizens, thereby inducing them to commit crime.

Economic Factors

India follows a mixed economic system. There is dearth of good opportunities for people to earn a living. This motivates them to adopt unfair means to make a living. There is great rift between the rich and the poor. The rate of crime increase as this gap widens. This is how economic factors impact the level of crime in the country.

Social Factors

Social factors as the name suggest includes elements of the society that have an impact on the citizens of the society. People are greatly influenced by anti-social elements in the society. Anti-social elements add fuel to the fire of discontent amongst people with respect to local issues.

Environment and Legal Factors

Environmental factors govern the employment scenario in the country. Rate of employment and crime are inversely proportional to each other. This means higher the rate of employment, lesser the rate of crime and vice versa. Legal factors relate to the legal framework of the society. Legal framework refers to various laws that govern the well being of the society. The rate of crime increases in case the laws find it difficult to combat issues.

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